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Wig Care

As well as this guide you can also check out our How To page where we have a handy video with tips on wearing and preparing your wig for first use! 


The first thing you'll need to do is wrap your own hair in a wig cap, keeping your own hair as flat as possible, tying it in two low side braids and pinning flat to the back of your head is the best option. We offer these caps and we advise choosing a colour as close to your skin tone as possible, don't match it to your hair colour!

Next cut the lace around the hairline of the wig, being careful not to cut into the hairline itself but making sure none of the lace is visible at the hairline. Real hairlines are never straight so a slight zigzag approach will make the hairline appear more natural.

Attach the elasticated straps around the back of the wig and clip into the wig cap itself, then pull the wig over your head starting at the back. To secure slide the combs into place. To make it extra secure you can use extra hair pins/clips.

Some people like to also use a wig glue to hold the hairline in place better, this isn't a must but it does make the wig more secure especially in windy weather! You'll want a wig glue that dries clear, you don't need much and if you use too much you can remove the excess with an alcohol based wipe.


We advise storing your wigs on a mannequin head or a wig stand to help keep their shape. If you aren’t going to wear your wig for a while you should cover it over to keep it free from dust.

You can also store your wigs in a zip up wig bag and hang them up. If you're travelling with your wig we advise using our wig bags to keep them safe and storing them in your hand luggage to avoid it being crushed in your suitcase.

Always brush your wig before storing and never store a damp wig in a bag as it can cause damage to the fibres. Don’t store your wig in direct sunlight as this can cause damage to the colour and structure.


Synthetic wigs don’t really require washing, most of the time a freshener spray will work just fine. If you brush and store your wig correctly and avoid over excessive use of products on the wig it should last you depending on wears, around a year to 18 months.

Do not wring or twist the wig if it does get wet. Place on a wig stand or lay it on a towel to dry overnight. Do not brush your wig whilst it’s wet, wait until it has dried before you brush it out, and brush from the bottom working your way up.


You can style your wig as you would normally style your hair. We don’t advise using straighteners or tongs on your wig at a temperature higher than 160 degrees centigrade. Most modern day straighteners and tongs have changeable temperatures so this should be easy to do.

You can also blow dry your wig but we again advise using this on the cool or moderate setting, not on the high heat setting. We don’t advise over styling your wig and using straighteners or hair dryers on them excessively.

You can use hairspray on your wig, we advise one that brushes out to keep your wig fresher for longer. You can also use colour sprays to give your wigs a splash of different colour.


When you first brush your wig there will be a little shedding, this is completely normal. Normal every day brushes can be too harsh for synthetic wigs as they may pull too many hairs out. We advise either a wig comb, or our own wig brushes, which are designed specifically for wigs and extensions. They don’t pull or snag as much as an ordinary brush, which means less damage to the wig fibres. Synthetic wigs will always shed slightly but a lot less than human hair wigs.